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I started noticing that my teeth were beginning to chip and I couldn’t figure out why. After a

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little research on Google I learned that this is happening at night! I ordered a night guard from vPRO and let me tell you it was worth every penny.  My dentist had informed me that the cost of my tooth repairs caused by my mid night grinding could be high and tried to sell me one. They wanted $500. I got mine at vPRO for $200 and I am 100% satisfied.

Darío Pineda, vPRO Customer

I have always suffered from migraines  and had  just accepted it. Advil, different diet, working out did nothing for me. After speaking with my dentist he suspected that it was due to clenching my jaw during the day and night. After becoming conscious of this, I realized I did do that. He noticed the wear

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on my teeth and had recommended that I wear a daily and night guard. The only trouble was they wanted $1000 for both guards. After looking online I found vPRO and got both for $325. I went directly to the source and saved a ton. I’m happy to announce that my headaches are far less frequent ever since I started using these guards. A+!

Lisa Tessier, vPRO Customer

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“Maecenas elit justo, tristique non convallis sed, volutpat vitae ligula. Quisque nibh orci, vestibulum ac.”

Michael V

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