//5 Reasons To Avoid Having a Dentist Make Your Night Guard

5 Reasons To Avoid Having a Dentist Make Your Night Guard

5 Reasons To Avoid Having a Dentist Make Your Night Guard

1. These days most everything can be purchased online. Even Night Guards. Save over 50% by purchasing directly from a our dental lab. All denists outsource to dental labs. They do not make night guards in house. All they do is middle man you and mark up the price. Avoid at all cost!

2. Most dentists offer no guarantees on the night guards they sell. We at vPRO Night Guards offer a 6 month warranty on damage to your custom night guard. Not only that, if you are unsatisfied with your night guard for any reason we offer a money back guarantee within the first 30 days!

3. Theres a good chance that your insurance will not cover your night guard. With the high cost of night guards via a dentist, you will be paying out of pocket and double the cost you would pay purchasing directly from a dental lab.

4. Your dentist does not manufacture night guards. All they are doing is taking an impression of your teeth which you could easily do yourself and sending it off to us. For that they are marking up the price by at least double what we charge. Do yourself a favor and come directly to use and save yourself the cash.

5. We do all the work with a little help from you. Taking an impression is very easy. So easy a caveman could do it. We ship the material and instructions to you. The process takes about 10 minutes. Once finished, you return the impressions to use and we create the night guard. Ask yourself, do you believe a 10 minute impression is worth $300? That’s exactly what you will pay a dentist to do it for you. That’s all they will do! Save yourself the money and DIY!

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